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2-color risograph printing
With the support of Perego papers

Participants will design a calendar, printed with two risograph colors on Colorplan paper. The risograph inks will interact with the different colors of the paper to give life to new hues.
The calendars will be composed of different tones related to the seasons, playing with warm colors and cool paper colors selected from the Colorplan catalog.
The participants will be divided into 4 groups, consisting of 3 people each. Each group will be assigned a season and will choose an ink color combination for printing. All of the participants will freely design their month, and each ink combination will be printed on 3 different colors of paper.
The result of the workshop will be 135 unique calendars, not only because printed in a limited edition but also because each will feature a unique mix of Colorplan colors.

November 10

The purpose

The purpose of the workshop is to understand how to design for risograph printing and the importance of color. We will have as a guest a representative of Perego papers that will be available to answer questions and curiosities about the characteristics of Colorplan papers.

Cost and conclusion

All the participating designers will sign their works and receive a copy of the calendar made during the workshop. The remaining copies will be distributed by Perego carta through their promotional channels.


The workshop cost is 80 euro (including the registration fee).
Reserve your place on Eventbrite for 10 euro, and pay the rest on the workshop day.