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Illustrator Simone Massoni and lettering artist Maria Chiara Fantini will talk about their recent collaborative projects

“Hearing you” is the result of a collaboration born during the period of the pandemic between illustrator Simone Massoni and lettering artist and pattern designer Maria Chiara Fantini.
The project aims to highlight the intrinsic need for connection that we all have and that the importance of which has been strongly re-evaluated by the recent isolation. The images are in fact an attempt to explore the concept of bond, to recognize and underline the interdependence that exists between human beings. On the one hand Simone Massoni has the merit of giving shape to the human figures, while on the other hand, Maria Chiara Fantini takes care of creating the herbal patterns that visually connect the characters positioned at the two opposite poles. The human and herbal worlds thus enter into dialogue, giving rise to an agile, carefree, and aesthetically harmonious conversation.

November 28
16:00 - 16:30

Simone Massoni is an artist dealing with everything he finds visually stimulating. After starting his career as a children’s book illustrator, he moved his interests to be aligned more with visual design and arts. You can find his latest explorations in books, magazines, advertising commercials and shows, mainly in the US and Europe. He is currently living and working in Florence, Italy. Clients include among others: Ferragamo, Facebook, Kiehl’s, Net-A-Porter, The New Yorker, The New York Times.

Maria Chiara is a designer and lettering artist based in Florence, where she lives and works. Her elegant and intricate creations are deeply influenced by her love for the history of art: in particular she loves to look at the refinement of the Florentine Renaissance and the decorative works of the designers of the Arts and Crafts movement.