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Learn contemporary creative embroidery through an unconventional approach.

How does it work?

You’ll be asked to choose a place from an Italian or foreign city. You can choose whatever you wish, as your favourite neighbourhood, the city where you spent your Erasmus, a place that you cannot stand or one you love. We’re going to print the map portion you choose and you’re going to work on it to create your artwork. By highlighting, filling and drawing you’ll represent your place in a unique and original way. At this point, you’re going to transfer the drawing to the canvas and start the embroidery. You’ll be able to experiment with different stitches, colours and threads following your taste and creativity. Rules don’t apply!

November 27

What do you need?

– Everyone will receive a personal embroidery kit to bring home and a tote bag to embroider.
– We’ll bring a couple of laptops for you to use to search your place. If you can, bring your own device!
– Everything you may need to draw and paint.

Irene Giusti is a graphic designer who graduated in Architecture and Communication Design at ISIA Firenze. She spent the lockdown on the sewing machine creating hats that she shares on her IG @capaheadwear

Irene Manetti is a visual designer who graduated in Communication Design in Milan, where she lived for five years. Working with a curious mind, she loves essential lines, visual balance and geometry. In her work she often uses a hybrid language between graphic design and illustration. Since 2020, she works with Elisa Basilissi on the creative direction of Calimaia Collettivo.

Calimaia is a Florentine network of young and emergent graphic designers, illustrators and artists. The collective organises various creative events, such as workshops, exhibitions, live paintings and urban art projects. “Collettivo” for us means collaboration and exchange: Calimaia aim is to connect and promote creative minds.


The workshop cost is 50 euro (including the registration fee).
Reserve your place on Eventbrite for 10 euro, and pay the rest on the workshop day.