Oh My Lettering!

–  Ergonauth –

Lettering and calligraphy for logos, monograms and politically incorrect words. In this workshop we’ll explore different techniques, styles and tools to draw your own logo, name or magic word on a curious object offered by Ergonauth.

Nelle pieghe dei paesaggi

– Laura Moretti –

Workshop on paper folding and cutting with Laura Moretti / from 10.00 am until 1.30 pm. Each participant will produce a landscape composition made from different papers, and in the process will experiment with folding and cutting techniques and play with materials, shapes and color. The laboratory is divided in two phases, the first of introduction and experimentation, and the second for the realization of artworks.


– Giulia Seri Il Bisonte –

from tradition to contemporary illustration

Linocut derives from the most ancient technique to reproduce images: from China, where it was invented 1800 years ago, it has reached today without losing its strength, it’s expressive power and the ability to make colors vibrate like few other printmaking techniques. Posters, textiles, books, works of art, street art, the examples are countless. The technique is simple and immediate, but carving away the material to find the desired image can be a challenge; roll up your sleeves, unleash your creativity, dress badly (you will handle a lot of ink) and … sign up!

–  50 euros
–  4 hours of workshop, with a brief overview of the works in circulation.
–  material included, and you’ll have a matrix to print on your tote bag.

The Linocut workshop is organized by the Il Bisonte Foundation, an historic Florentine atelier and school that since 1959 deals with printmaking; it offers a wide variety of practical courses; hosts artists in residence; organizes exhibitions and events; has a library with over three thousand volumes and holds a searchable collection of more than five thousand prints.